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 Registration and Fees

Below you will find information on how to register to play for Laurimar Power Netball Club.  All are welcome!

Registrations for  2019 Season 2

Registrations for 2019 Season 2 are now closed.  If you have any questions, please send an email to Jody Carr at​​


Registrations for  NetSetGo

Registrations for NetSetGo are still open.  The link below will take you directly to Netball Victoria 'MyNetball' website, here you will enter all your details, including t-shirt size. ​​Your NSG Pack will be delivered directly to you in the new year.

Please take note of your Netball Victoria/MyNetball registration email/password for future use.

The NetSetGo timetable can be found on the Training Schedules page or on TeamApp.
For all enquires on Net-Set-Go! Please contact Nicole Carrick or Cherie Metcalf (Net-Set-Go Coordinators)
Go to Registration for NetSetGo

Code of Conduct and Information Handbook

Laurimar Power Netball Club has a code of conduct for players, coaches, parents and guardians and also spectators that based on Netball Vitoria's Codes of Behaviours (  Download our code of conduct documents together with the information handbook by clicking here .
Code of Conduct & Information Handbook